Dean Kotula, Salty Dog Gallery

Dean Kotula
Hurdy Gurdy Man Antiques & Salty Dog Gallery
Dean Kotula, Hurdy Gurdy Man Antiques & Salty Dog Gallery, 173 Main St. Prospect Harbor, Maine

The building with the aft end of a lobster boat jutting out of its façade and character dangling a fish off the stern is a preview to the unique finds in this new Prospect Harbor shop which features a vast range of antiques, collectibles, & gifts. On the first floor you will find a 10 ft. tall Hawaiian Hula dancer who was among a number of other characters in an international exhibit at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. She stands just in front of portholes giving view to shark infested waters! Upstairs, you’ll find the Salty Dog Gallery which specializes in fine art photography with an emphasis on maritime images.

Currently on exhibit is Dean’s own work which spans his 30+ years as a fine art/documentary photographer. He first worked in his father’s darkroom at age 10 and went on to study at the Art Institute of Boston and apprenticed in 19th century processes with Robert Steinberg. He has received numerous awards and has exhibited widely.

“My work is a personal diary of sorts since most of my life choices were made with imagery in mind: The exhibit includes photographs made while working for the National Marine Fisheries Services as a fisheries inspector aboard foreign factory trawlers, working as a chimney sweep traversing rooftops in Boston’s Back Bay, as a deckhand on a dragger in Oregon, as a shipyard machinist, and while trekking the Indian Himalayas during a period of major political upheaval.”

In recent years, Dean has focused his camera on the Schoodic Peninsula and finds this equally gratifying.

Dean named the shop after Donovan’s hit song, The Hurdy Gurdy Man. “In the first stanza of the song he talks about gazing at the sea with tranquility, hearing some strange melodic sound and Presto! There was a hurdy gurdy man, singing songs of love. Then you hear the unmistakable sound of a sitar so you know he’s in India. I was in Bombay, India when I was thirteen and while looking out over the ocean I also heard an unusual sound, turned, and there was an organ grinder and monkey! The experience thrilled me and I never forgot it. Now I have two life-size mechanical organ grinders with monkeys that my customers can enjoy in the shop.”

Next year Dean will curate and hang the work of internationally renowned photographer, Cherie Hiser. Ms. Hiser studied under Minor White and founded the Center of the Eye workshops in Aspen, Colorado in 1968. These workshops attracted such notables as Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Paul Caponigro, Lee Friedlander, Judy Dater and countless others. Cherie went on to establish many other highly respected photography programs and continues to mentor students in the classroom and workshop settings. Her astounding photographs are sought after by collectors and both public and private institutions. Cherie will conduct three workshops next summer at the Salty Dog Gallery.
Shop Hours are Wed. – Sun. 10-5 June – Sept
Call for hours Oct – Dec, April – May
(207) 963-7575

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